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Sports, Entertainment, Environmental and Natural Resources Law: What are These and Which are the Best Schools?

Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Entertainment Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Law, Law School, Sports Law |

1. Sports Law

There are two types of sports law. The first one is amateur sports and the second one is professional sports. The universityor amateur level’s sports lawyers claim that donors and athletes are in accordance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association norms. They are also in contact with universities and colleges which receive federal aid; thus, these are also the subject to the Education Amendment (1972) of Title IX. This Education Amendment prohibits discrimination in terms of athletic programs gender. Considering the level of professionalism, lawyers of sports deal with antitrust and contract matters. They also work as agents in order to represent owners of a team and/or individual players.

2. Entertainment Law

Entertainment law usually involves legal matters that affect TV, movies, live performances, recordings, as well as some other entertainment industry fields. Entertainment law involves employment law affairs, for instance, contracts between studiosandactors, as well as labor law issues that affect trade unions; also intellectual property law, which covers the protection of creativeworks (the latest songs and the royaltiescollection). Entertainment attorneys may help their clients to negotiate contracts for appearing in a film, or couldvisit court in order to litigate a great number of matters about the entertainment industry.

Here is the list of the ten best Entertainment Law Schools:

  1. Harvard Law School
  2. Stanford Law School
  3. Columbia Law School
  4. Brooklyn Law School
  5. USC Gould School of Law
  6. Loyola Law School
  7. Southwestern Law School
  8. UCLA School of Law
  9. Cornell Law School
  10. UC Berkeley School of Law

3. Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Environmental attorneys tackle regulatory and legal affairs related to water and air quality as well asdangerous waste practice, oil and gas exploration, natural gas transportation, energy trade regulation, licensing of electric power, toxic torts, water rights, public land use, and marine resources.

Top Environmental Law Schools are as follows:

     a.Stanford Law School is situated in California, USA.

This university is one of the hardest-get-in universities; also, it is very expensive. However, it will pay off, since 96 % of people are able to get a job after the graduation from Stanford Law School.

b. Yale Law School is situated in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

This one is also one of the hardest-get-in law schools. It is very expensive, too, but the chance of employing after the graduation is 91%.

The best Natural Resources Law Schools are:

     a. Colorado State University

     b. University of California Berkeley

     c. Michigan State University

It seems that people nowadays have realized how important it is to preserve the Earth that we live on and maintain it for generations that are coming in the future. Thus, one should enroll into one of these colleges if he/she is interested in keeping the Earth clean.

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